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15 Employee Engagement Statistics For 2023

Employee Engagement Statistics

In this post, we will look at some of the most interesting employee engagement statistics for 2023. And trust us, there are some numbers out there that will blow your mind. So read on to find out everything you need to know about the future of employee engagement. You won’t regret it!

  • A higher level of employee engagement leads to a reduction in absenteeism by 41%, a decrease in staff turnover by 59%, an improvement in customer retention by 10%, an increase in employee productivity by 17%, an increase in sales by 20%, and an increase in profit by 21% (PeopleElement).
  • 2020 had the highest levels of employee engagement, with 77% of employees reporting strong levels of engagement (Quantum Workplace).
  • About half of HR professionals consider employee engagement a major priority, while 37% say it’s only one of many concerns (
  • Just 30% of senior leaders prioritize engagement, and only 24% of organizations invest adequately in engagement-related resources (
  • Only 64% of companies actually assess engagement, despite the fact that 88% claim there are reliable ways to do so. It is considerably more likely to be measured in large firms with 1,000 or more employees (78%) than in small organizations with fewer than 100 employees (38%) (
  • 99% of firms that measure engagement share the results with others within the organization. However, just 66% believe they take particular actions based on the data collected to a high or very high extent ( 
  • Only 31% of companies train their managers to enhance employee engagement, and only 25% feel their managers are highly adept at doing so (
  • Although HR professionals agree that career progression possibilities influence employee engagement, only 44% offer high-quality guidance and opportunities (
  • 72% of employees believe that direct supervisors are primarily or entirely responsible for employee engagement because of the amount of time spent dealing with them (
  • 76% of HR professionals believe that increased levels of engagement will result in enhanced customer service ( 
  • Only 29% of organizations disclose at least a portion of their engagement data for employer branding purposes (
  • 66% of employees would be more engaged at work if employers improved company culture (
  • 52% of employees believe that their engagement would increase if their firm enhanced its diversity and inclusion (
  • 20% of employees say they are disengaged at work because they feel underappreciated for their contributions (
  • More than two-thirds of employees (69%) believe that their connection with their manager would improve if they were recognized more (


Given how frequently employee engagement is evolving, this list of employee engagement statistics will be regularly updated. You will never have to question whether the statistics are still valid.

With that, we’d want to hear your thoughts.

Which statistic most surprised you? Or perhaps you can provide a stat of your own.

In either case, feel free to add your opinions to the comment section below.

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